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Total Bartending can service all of your bartending needs!


We are a Pittsburgh based company with 20+ years of bartending experience at your fingertips.

All of our bartenders are experienced, professional, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board RAMPS/TIPS certified bartenders. This ensures that your event will be run and managed properly.

Because our prices are so competitive, booking with Total Bartending won’t break your budget on your next wedding or event. We have serviced a variety of venues throughout the region, from barns to classical ballrooms.

Our company and our bartenders strive for excellence no matter where you decide to host your event.

*Our prices are the most competitive in the Pittsburgh area!*


Why Total Bartending

Why Total Bartending

Total Bartending offers the most complete additional packages of any bartending company in the Pittsburgh Area. Our mixer package is the most extensive package available and we provide all bottled water. Our plastics packages give you different types, sizes and styles to choose from and our garnish package allows you to decorate any drink for an Old Fashion to a Tequila Sunrise. The ingredients we bring are second to none. That’s why our packages are priced the way they are so you know exactly what you are getting and paying for.

Our Prices Don’t Vary:

An important feature when dealing with Total Bartending. Unlike other bartending companies, whether your event is in Pittsburgh, Butler County or Greensburg, you can be confident that our prices do not vary with distance or complexity of event. Our prices do not change!

Total Bartending is committed to making your day as special as possible.

Free Initial Consultation:

Your first step is to call us so we can determine what your needs and requirements will be. Then, after hiring us, we will guide you every step of the way through the process.


People don’t realize that when they rent a venue, most venues require you to carry insurance. Typically if you have to purchase the insurance yourself, it could run you upwards of $400. This is an unforeseen cost to you.

Total Bartending carries both liquor and general liability insurance and offers it to you for free so you don’t have to worry about purchasing it yourself.

Set Up Fee:

Our base bar package starts as low as $125.OO.*

Base bar package includes:

Beer & wine keys, shakers, strainers, stirrers, jiggers, muddler, napkin caddy, garnish tray, ice scoops, bar ice bowl, ice caddy, tubs, cutting board and knives.

All are part of our standard set up fee package. (Bartending fee and gratuities not included)

Total Bartending brings all of these items as part of our set up fee so you don’t have to.


Rest assured, when you hire Total Bartending, we only provide the best PLCB certified and trained RAMP/TIPS bartenders.

*For a nominal upcharge, we can also provide your venue portable bars, folding tables, skirting for the bar service area and other bar related items.

Call today for your your initial consultation and pricing.

Additional Services

Additional Services

As stated above, Total Bartending offers the most extensive packages of any bartending company. We understand that planning for your wedding or special event can be very time consuming. In an effort to make your day easier, we can provide the following services for you.

Mixer Package – Prices Start at $185

Our mixer package is second to none. Buying all different types of mixers can be costly and time consuming. We offer the most complete package to suit any of your needs.

Our package includes: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Club Soda, Sours, Lemonade and Tonic Water. We supply the bottled water.

*For a nominal upcharge, we can add any other soda or drink to this package.

Ice Package – Prices Start at $185

If your venue does not have an ice machine or cannot provide ice for the event, Total Bartending can provide it for you. Hauling hundreds of pounds of ice is strenuous and time consuming. Let Total Bartending do this for you.

Plastics Package – Prices Start at $185

Most to all venues will not allow you to carry around glassware. Our plastics package solves that. What separates us from other bartending companies is that we offer different types, styles and size of plasticware to suit your needs.

This plastics package includes: Napkins, stirrers, straws, toothpicks, matches and any size plastic cup that your wedding or event may need.

This is a very convenient way to save time for the client who doesn’t want to shop, purchase, or store these items.

Garnish Package – Prices Start at $125

Storing and keeping fresh fruit for your wedding or next event can be a real hassle. Allow Total Bartending to supply garnishes for you.

Our garnish package includes: Lemons, limes, oranges, cherries, olives, sugar packets, grenadine, simple syrup and bitters.

Remember, Total Bartending can also provide: Portable bars, folding tables, skirting for bartending, champagne flutes for toasts and plastic shot glasses for a Bridal dance, and other bar related items for a nominal upcharge.

Total Bartending is committed to making your day as special as possible!


We had the pleasure of working with Rob and his team for our wedding this past Saturday – and they were absolutely wonderful! Rob was very helpful the entire process leading up to the wedding and made sure we were ready for the day.

We had many guests that raved about how friendly Rob and his team were, and we couldn’t agree more. They were very professional and very fun the entire wedding!

Rob’s team was also fast and careful when serving drinks, and we never had a long line waiting to be served. Even during rushes like Cocktail Hour, everyone was served very quickly.

We couldn’t recommend going with Total Bartending more, and we hope we have a chance to work with them for another event in the future. Thanks so much, Rob and the awesome team at Tatal Bartending!


It was such a fun night!! I hope Jeff can still hear today… the bar got pretty loud. Thanks for everything! You were wonderful to work with.


Thank you so much! The Bartenders were great!

Kathleen and Isaac

It went amazing! The bartenders were wonderful! Thank you for everything!


Everything was perfect! Your bartenders were great!

Marisa T.

Thank you for handling our meeting so efficiently and exceeding our expectations. I hope our paths cross again.

Satisfied Customer

I would highly recommend booking Total Bartending for your wedding. Robert was knowledgeable and professional as well as friendly and efficient. We purchased all of the additional packages as far as plastic ware and mixers. We didn’t have to think of a thing. Robert handled the entire evening without a hitch.

Jill J.

I wanted to say thank you so much for last night. You were amazing and kept the party going. I can’t say enough good things about working with you guys.

Kylee R.

We worked with Robert and the Total Bartending team for our wedding on 9/19. They were absolutely WONDERFUL! They helped guide us on exactly what we needed to buy for a wedding our size, gave recommendations on signature drinks, and were always responsive and kind to talk to. They were there for us through our entire planning process. My wife and I couldn’t recommend them more for any event you’re planning!

Vince R.

It was so much fun! Thank you so much. Allison and Andrea were fantastic and everyone loved them! I will definitely write great reviews!

Erin T.

Contact Total Bartending before they are booked! We just got married and had Total Bartending at our wedding and they did not disappoint! They listened to exactly what we wanted, offered their professional opinion, and included all the details we discussed. Everyone at our wedding agreed that they were super professional, friendly, and quick! I would definitely hire them again. THANK YOU!!!

Leah J.

100% recommend. Robert had called me many times during my planning process to make sure we had everything we needed and had covered all bases with me. Total Bartending was such a pleasure to work with and made my day and planning much easier!

Alyssa W.

Thank you for making our day so great!

Gemma & Jared

Hiring total bartending was the best they were on time and even before the event Rob kept checking in making sure that everything was okay. Very affordable and the Drinks at the wedding were amazing would definitely recommend hiring

Amiana L.

Allison & Rob,
Thank you for all you did to make our wedding exactly how we wanted it! I’m so happy you came Allison.

Rochelle & Tim

Thank you very much for being with us tonight and helping to make our family and friends happy and comfortable. Sharing stories and making memories over a drink is something many of us have not had time or opportunity to do in a year like this. We appreciate your time and services that made our night a success. Thank You!

Laura & Mike

I just wanted to say thank you for your services at our 25th wedding anniversary. You guys definitely had things well under control and from the looks of our guests you guys had them feeling great as well! Everyone was very satisfied with their drinks. You guys went out of your way to make our special occasion very memorable. Anyway I really enjoyed you guys being a part of our night.

It’s like you were part of the family!


Jim S.

Contracted Total Bartending for our company event. Very professional appearance, guest interaction, and business conduct. Prompt, efficient, and cleanly. Highly recommend.

Andrew L., Greensburg

My guests absolutely loved the service we got with Total Bartending! They were knowledgeable and friendly! Give them a call!

Ashley O., Gibsonia

Everyone we called wanted to charge us an additional fee to come up to Sarver. Not only did they not charge us extra, but Total Bartending also came prepared with equipment for an outdoor party. They had no problem handling our 70+ family and friends, and they were really fun to work with. I would definitely use them again!

Katherine S., Sarver

Thank you for your services and providing an outstanding bar service.

The Fowler Family