Why Total Bartending

Why Total Bartending

Total Bartending offers the most complete additional packages of any bartending company in the Pittsburgh Area. Our mixer package is the most extensive package available and we provide all bottled water. Our plastics packages give you different types, sizes and styles to choose from and our garnish package allows you to decorate any drink for an Old Fashion to a Tequila Sunrise. The ingredients we bring are second to none. That’s why our packages are priced the way they are so you know exactly what you are getting and paying for.

Our Prices Don’t Vary:

An important feature when dealing with Total Bartending. Unlike other bartending companies, whether your event is in Pittsburgh, Butler County or Greensburg, you can be confident that our prices do not vary with distance or complexity of event. Our prices do not change!

Total Bartending is committed to making your day as special as possible.

Free Initial Consultation:

Your first step is to call us so we can determine what your needs and requirements will be. Then, after hiring us, we will guide you every step of the way through the process.


People don’t realize that when they rent a venue, most venues require you to carry insurance. Typically if you have to purchase the insurance yourself, it could run you upwards of $400. This is an unforeseen cost to you.

Total Bartending carries both liquor and general liability insurance and offers it to you for free so you don’t have to worry about purchasing it yourself.

Set Up Fee:

Our base bar package starts as low as $145.OO.*

Base bar package includes:

Beer & wine keys, shakers, strainers, stirrers, jiggers, muddler, napkin caddy, garnish tray, ice scoops, bar ice bowl, ice caddy, tubs, cutting board and knives.

All are part of our standard set up fee package. (Bartending fee and gratuities not included)

Total Bartending brings all of these items as part of our set up fee so you don’t have to.


Rest assured, when you hire Total Bartending, we only provide the best PLCB certified and trained RAMP/TIPS bartenders.

*For a nominal upcharge, we can also provide your venue portable bars, folding tables, skirting for the bar service area and other bar related items.

Call today for your your initial consultation and pricing.